Our Process

1 Master Planning

Argyle works with Museum leadership and community leaders to articulate the vision for the Museum's new experience. Facilitating focus groups with educators, members or the public, ideas for exhibits become a community building process.

2 Concept

Ideas go from rough to refined as ideas are drawn as sketches and placed on preliminary floor plans. Content is researched and interpretive plans are developed.

3 Design Development

In the Design Development phase, sketches turn into prototypes, CAD drawings, and scripts for graphics, media and interactives.

4 Prototyping

Thinking up ideas, creating dozens of proof-of-concept mockups, then testing them with children—and sometimes retesting—are all part of prototyping.

5 Final Design/Bidding

Finishes and details are finalized in the control drawing packages in preparation for bidding. Technical narratives describe media interactives, and graphic design packages are readied for production.

6 Fabrication/Installation

Argyle reviews shop drawings and visits fabricators and media producers during fabrication. When exhibits are installed, we are on hand to answer questions and work with fabricators to ensure that the experience is as designed.