Michael Joyce, Principal

Michael is the principal in charge of design and leads all aspects of the design development. He works with the architect and planning team to create the preliminary space design for exhibits and leads the physical design of galleries and activities, and renders all presentation materials.

Michael brings an exceptional understanding of the relationship of the visitor experience and educational content to the exhibit environment. His designs incorporate logic, orientation, pacing, vistas, and surprise, while promoting a total visitor experience. A registered architect, Michael received his degree from the University of Minnesota, and over 30 years has worked with a wide range of building types and uses, designing interactive environments, and creating museum exhibits and visitor centers. Before founding ADI, Michael was the senior designer at ESI Design for 13 years. Here, he participated in primary research, using innovative social-interaction games, to discover how people interact in unfamiliar settings. Michael drew upon these early studies to formulate principles for social engagement, media, flow and pacing, leading to the creation of enhanced museum environments and visitor experiences. This pioneering early work in exhibit design principles has informed all of ADI’s design work for its clients, and has proved ever more relevant to today’s audience.