Children’s Museum of St. Tammany

The new exhibits at CMST will be a gateway for children to discover and experience the world around them. They will present learning tools as well as offer environments that foster communication, gathering, and sharing for all visitors.

At CMST children will make discoveries about their world — both man-made and natural. They will discover the natural world around them: How does weather happen? What’s beneath my feet? How do wind and water interact to form our natural environment?

They will explore the way things work, whether it is their own bodies; large-scale engineering feats such as levees and dams; or the machines, magnets, pumps or pipes that help us perform work.

And, they will rediscover St. Tammany Parish. Its natural environment, culture, and history find expression in, for example, a climber and gathering spot, the tot area, and townscape.